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My Life in Japan as an Openly Gay Foreigner. Warn that about moving to Japan?

My Life in Japan as an Openly Gay Foreigner. Warn that about moving to Japan?

Paradoxically, Japan possesses anti-discrimination regulations but most people that discover as LGBT tend to stay in the room. We owned a possibility to consult Elcid Betancourt, a legal counsel residing and working within Tokyo, about his own practice released on the job not to mention absolute his own life as an openly homosexual non-native.

Tell us about moving to Japan? Would you choose to finish?

When I first relocated to Japan, we stayed in Tokushima Prefecture studying at Tokushima University as a swap college student. I became living in each student dorms used seven km from campus in an exceedingly rural section of Tokushima labeled as Kitajima-cho. Fundamentally, the balcony featured out onto rice paddies and mountains from inside the mileage. It was actually rather spectacular, however, despite the in general gentle citizens, I experience there was to full cover up the fact that I had been homosexual.

I was actually around in my then-boyfriend, and now we certainly seen the necessity to return back into shoebox for that yr with this “high shape” we owned as a couple of just three foreign exchange students that season from your U.S. there was a great time and couldn’t come across whatever may expect in comparable remote aspects of various countries, nonetheless approach to hidden the commitment am extremely distressing making my own time in Tokushima really challenging.