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How I Used Tough Love to Make My Slowly Eater Eat Quicker

How I Used Tough Love to Make My Slowly Eater Eat Quicker

There are 2 important aspects to the mum’s tough love method that got her consumeer that is sluggish son or daughter consume faster. Continue reading to learn more.

My older kid, now seven-years-old, was an eater that is slow nearly all of their life. Even if their only meals ended up being breastmilk, he’d just simply take his very own time that is sweet. Whenever solids had been introduced, the battle that is real.

It is perhaps perhaps perhaps not he didn’t like meals, he had been simply actually, actually sluggish. Once I had been nevertheless spoonfeeding him, he previously this odd practice of pursing their lips the minute the spoon came near. This led to just 25 % regarding the spoon’s contents entering their lips. I painstakingly persisted and a meal fed this way could take anywhere between one, to one and a half hours because I was a first-time mum then and didn’t know any better.

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Things regarding the time front did improve that is n’t he began consuming by himself. He’d sing to himself, talk, run around the dining table, fidget so when outcome, just simply take hours to consume.

As you possibly can imagine, mealtimes had been extremely discouraging for me personally. We attempted every thing, but absolutely absolutely nothing worked. Scolding, pleading, bribing, claims of presents along with other benefits all dropped on deaf ears and my man that is little continued drag his dishes on all day.

It absolutely wasn’t simply the time wasted with my sluggish eater. It absolutely was the energy and stress(unnecessarily) allocated to getting through only one dinner with my sanity nevertheless intact.

We knew this had to arrived at an end and provided I decided it was time to use some tough love, which I implemented in two ways that I had exhausted all other ways of trying to speed up my slow eater, last year.