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Is Tinder Gold’s “See Who Likes You” Feature worth every penny (for you)?

Is Tinder Gold’s “See Who Likes You” Feature worth every penny (for you)?

Tinder Gold has been formally released and several of us have actually wondered whether or otherwise not its new “See Who Likes You” feature will probably be worth its cost of 14.99 per month ( for the under 29 12 months US dwelling user that is old).

Tinder Gold, the brand new Subscription Tier

Needless to say, this expense also contains all of the Tinder Plus features. For a total break down of those features, also to offer you a much better notion of whether or not they can be worth the initial 10 dollar amount with this registration charge for you, see this updated guide on Tinder Plus qualities & Paid Boosts (+Tinder Gold).

Now, just just what do you really get when it comes to staying 5 bucks 30 days? That might be the “See Who Likes You” feature. That’s right, Tinder Gold really just comprise of just one function. Therefore so long as Tinder Plus nevertheless exists, we need to judge Gold entirely regarding the merits of the single gimmick. That Gimmick:

The “See Who Likes” You Feature

Exactly exactly What this little golden hearted key does, is just about just what we’d expect from this. It will take us to a different tab regarding the application, where all of the users which have currently liked you may be presented in a view that is grid.